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i●ng-table was a pretty white bo●x of a strange shape to me.Hagar lifted the w▓hite muslin which


covered it and held me up ●so that I could look in, and there was the ●most beautifu


l doll I had eve●r seen.I looked with delight.I can reme▓mber the little waxen face now.

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● All would have gone well if I ▓had not suddenly stooped and, befo●re Hagar could stop me, kissed the lovely▓{116} thing.The awful cold of dea▓th sent such a shoc

k through ●me that I opened my mouth to scream, but bef●ore any sound came Hagar clapp

Second title features

ed● her hand over my mouth and hissed in▓to my ear: “Ain’t I say so! Yuse ●too cry-baby! I wish to de Lawd I ▓neber bring yu! Yu’ll sho’ t●ell en git me in tru

bble!” I stifled my s●creams and choked back my tears, H▓agar shaming me and adjuring me to sil●ence until I was quiet enough for us to att●empt the perilous return trip.That

Third title features

nig▓ht I could not sleep.I sobbed and sobbed an●d tossed on my little bed; the cold of● that kiss seemed to freeze me all over.▓ May went to papa, saying she feared

I was▓ going to be ill.He came to the nursery ▓at once, talked to me and patted me and,● when I only cried the more, he took m●e in his arms and walked up an


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